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Digital Age

         Nowadays, we are able to make others think what we want them to think. Who are you? -There’s never a simple answer to that question. When defining who we are coming up with the words to describe identity is a complex and highly personal concept. We are living in a different world where life is mainly connected through digital media. People no longer concentrated on spending time together. Our concept of interactions it’s losing its values every day. Now, people should be more aware that in order to be able to enjoy and love what is around us, we most start to prevent social media to affect our life in general.

            As we know, digital age can be very convenience to our personal uses. We are able to communicate with many different people from around the world. We are able to promote our jobs through online blogs. There’s so many convenience thing that we can use social media for. However, we not taking in consideration that social media it’s affecting our life in a dangerous way. Digital age it’s making a big in pact in humans that is causing us to loose personal interactions with each other’s.


Any Closer?

I wonder, How do we know when we are taking the right decision?

I hope that those decisions don’t affect those who loves us.

I don’t want to cause any pain to nobody.

I want to follow my desire.

I want to go away with you.

I want to be free and rejoice my soul in your majestic.

I wonder, I wonder when that would happen?

Why I can’t get any closer?