I am lost

http://https://soundcloud.com/angkris/ready-for-love-india-arieToday its one of those days when I  find myself here, all alone in this empty room  holding my heart to start moving like a river trough my eyes.

Theres nobody at the moment who can help me.

Theres nobody around…

No one to help comform my soul, Except God but I’m not even closer to his grace.

I am completely lost.

I am hopeless.

I am deep inside darkness.

My soul is hold to something unknown that it kills me evryday by leading me to react to my needs.

I call for help!

My soul and mind needs are needed the perfect peace.

I don’t want to end this myself, I will let God and the Universe to take control of my life.

Where would I go if I end this up myself?

I  need the love, I need the strength.

I am all here alone.

I will try to stay aware, Im not ready to leave these world without experiecing  the real LOVE that God offer.

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