Moving into the RHYTHM

  Let me tell you… Ill share this with you, but at the same time control your judgemental mind. -I hope you get to understand how I feel.

   Its amazing when people get to enjoy the music until a point that you loose your mind but at the moment Elevate your soul. Sometimes, I notice that people refuse on letting the music go throughout their vain while on it. I notice, how most all the people around me let the music change their self expressions, -including myself. I wonder, why I feel more attractive and secure of myself with the beat of the DRUMS. – The beat that goes all around my body by causing my soul shine with every move I make but feeling myself way too sexier.- its something unreal another #Dimension. The vocals make me perceive the reality I should be facing. I would never knew how I choose to lisent to Deep and Soul House. AMAZING!!!

   This beat makes me go out of control deep inside me. I get to feel all the energy inside my body looking for a away out. The feeling its beautiful. Now, I have the power to control everything that would come to my mind that would lead me to be horny. Horny!! Omg. Well yes… You will get to that point when you will wish to have your best sexual life experience.-since we are living the moment.  Theres an amazing feeling when you manage such invasion. The RYTHM gets deep inside your mind that will make you realize that things need to get done them Pow! 

    The beat will make you want more, do more, fit in a high society. You need to feel this, be able to control it, mind not be so simple. We could get so deep and comfortable inside our soul. The POW! (Beat) will  wake you up and start moving forward. This morning I decide, that I will moving into the RYTHM. I will chance it, I will look for something different. I am capable to start something new. DJ Oscar G – OSCAR G live @ SPACE NYC 2015 (Raw & Uninterrupted)

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