BREATHE ii gasp


The Neighborhood


I will follow thee
To the last gasp
with truth and loyalty
– William Shakespeare 

Somethings are unimaginable. 

Imagine you are in the backseat of a car. The seat belt is secured firmly around you, for safety it provides. The driver has abandoned you, without so much as goodbye. You are confused, but not worried, because you have never taken care of yourself. You have never had to. You can feel the force of gravity, as the car rolls down a hill. It is not steep, but a definite decline. No light bulbs have flashed, since you could not see over the steering wheel anyway, and had no idea the direction in which you were going. Confusion turns to fear, as the night sky slowly disappears. Familiar sounds maintain a false sense of calm, but the fear in you rises. Accustomed to the sounds of rolling shores…

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