Did You Wonder If I’d Get Over The Breakup Before You Decided To End Our Relationship?

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Flickr / Leo HidalgoFlickr / Leo Hidalgo

When you made the decision to end everything between us, did you think of me at all? Did you think about the repercussions your words would have on me? At all? Honestly, I’m just genuinely curious.

Did you tell yourself, “She’ll get over it”? Did it make it easier to tell yourself that to avoid the guilt that would come from shattering me?

When did words and promises become so empty to you? You were always one for such deep and intellectual thoughts. I remember being completely enamored by everything you ever said. You spoke with such grace and beauty towards me, even when you were in the silliest of moods.

But it all came up empty. They were lies. You lied. Over and over and over

And I know it’s been three months and I am almost completely over this….it still hits me hard sometimes…

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