First Loves, Great Loves

Word Vomit

People often talk about their first love, first cut is thedeepest, and the great love, the one that got away. Well if they’re not married to their first and/or great love anyway.  Sometimes I wonder if my real first love will also be my great love. Yikes, seeing that typed out made me feel a little pity for my future husband. Haha! I’m not saying that I still love my first love, but it’s just that.. I don’t think I can love that way again. Sure, I’ve “loved” guys before my first but nothing like the way I loved my real first.

I think that’s why people often talk about their first loves. It is unprecedented, unadulterated, selfless love. The first real love made you think that anything was possible, that you can conquer anything – as long as you’re together. With the first real love, everything was…

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