Tips From A Front Desk Agent: Hotels and Upgrades

Travelling Assassin

I used to work at various hotel front desks across America for extra money and let me tell you, I got yelled at a lot in my job. I even had a set of brass keys thrown at me by an older gentlemen in front of the CEO. The guest then screamed at me for a good 10 minutes and called me the C word in front of his 10 year old grandson. Charming!

You want this view?  

 Here are some basic tips:

Over Booking.

Like airlines, hotels often over-book during peak season. If you have sold 200 rooms (or seats) there is a good chance someone isn’t going to show up so you sell 205 rooms but what happens when everyone does show up? I like to take a nice looong bathroom break. It has only happened to me once. The last person (room 201) showed up…

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