A Great Motivation With Out Numbers

A Great Motivation With Out Numbers

In life, we have to go through many experiences, but the goal is to learn from them and overcome difficult moments. Most of the time, we tell ourselves that in order to become better people we have to take a moment to listen to those we love. I have to agree with that belief. In order for people to understand what this common phrase means, they have to live it, or else they are never going to understand what I am talking about. I would say my mother is a great example. My mother has always been the greatest motivation I have ever had in my life. I am very thankful to have an amazing mother. There are things I do not understand in life, but she is able to give me interpretations, and motivation, in order to keep going.
Today, I am walking to get a grade from my math class. I am not going to say that I hate math, since “hate” is a very strong word, It’s one that can be tossed around pretty heavily without much regard for what it means or how it can strike certain people, but I am not the best when it comes to numbers. My mother knows that, as well. While I am walking, I enjoy the air that is kissing my skin. My heart is beating very quickly. I notice that I am sweating, because I am scared to fail math. I know I did my best in order to pass, but the negativity in my mind is always there. I am finally here, waiting for my professor to call my name so I can hear my grade. Now is when I start to sweat quickly. When I finally hear my name, I start shaking. I tell myself to control my feelings; everything will be fine, and I should stay positive. My professor tells me that I failed. In this moment, I want to start running in the hallways. I want to cry in front of my professor. However, if I do not control myself, I will look like a crazy person who does not know how to behave. I listen to what my professor has to tell me. While I am walking out, I decide that I do not want to come back to school. I am very disappointed. I can not believe I am losing a whole semester because I did not pass, but, like I said before, everything happens for a reason.
I go to my house, because I am sad. My mother tells me it is time for dinner. While we are having dinner, my mother notices that I look very quiet and disappointed. I was not planning to tell her what was going on, since I did not want to upset her, and she might think I was not going to school to study. At the end of dinner, I decide to tell her what happened. My mother tells me, “In life, people make mistakes and people fail, but that does not mean that you give up. In order to succeed, you will face a lot of things that you will not be able to understand yet. You just failed a class; that is not a reason to give up so easily. Register for the next math class, and ask for tutoring. Now is when you have to do things differently. Change seats, change your environment, and try new study techniques. That will help.” I listened to what my mother tells me, and I have no words to tell her how impressed I am by what she is telling me. Now, I understand things better. If people do not share their conflicts and worries with the loved ones when thing are happening, they would not be able to over come and learn so quickly.
Time goes by so quickly. I am walking again to get my grades. This time, the sun is kissing my face. I am not sweating like the first time I did this. Now, the professor is telling me I passed the class with good grades. I must say, listening to my mother always leads me to a great path. Her motivation was so unique and powerful, that I was able to stay focused and understand things better. She told me, “Change your environment.” Now, if something bad happens I will be able to over come that situation by keeping in mind what my mother taught me. I realize that no matter what happens in life, we always have to stay positive. If I did not pass my first math class I would not be able to understand why I must keep going even if I failed at a task. I learned that sharing things with my family, I am able to find support and resolution. Furthermore, humans tend to think that problems do not have resolutions in life. On the other hand, that is why it is convenient to be able to count with a family member, since they can have that mysterious answer or support that we might be looking for. Now, I can relate to what people mean when they that everything happen for a reason.

 Juan Armando Ramos

ENG 101

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